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Who we are?

Diligent Company Services is a service mark of CCP Financial Consultants Limited, a company which is fully licensed, regulated and authorized to provide Company Management Services in the British Virgin Islands. Established in 1991, our firm has grown to become a well-established and respected provider offering a wide range of premium financial services in the British Virgin Islands.  


What We Offer ?

At Diligent Company Services, we provide a gateway to people seeking to access some of the premium financial service products available in the British Virgin Islands.  We endeavor to provide a high level of service for a select group of products which have broad appealto an international audience, namely Incorporations, Liquidations, Ship and Trademark Registrations and various searches.


Why choose us?

We take our name seriously and believe in being truly "diligent" in the conduct of our business.  We pay high priority attention to your needs and take pride in providing all clients with our signature brand of excellent service.  We are there to assist you to get your business started and are there to also put you on the road to doing business successfully in the British Virgin Islands or on the world stage.

Ship Registration – BVI

Ship Registration BVI

At Diligent Company Services we can provide a prompt and efficient means of ship registration in the BVI. We stand ready to assist you and help you navigate the entire process.

We can offer practical and total solutions to your ship ownership and registration needs in conjunction with the use of a BVI Business Company.  Standard due diligence procedures again apply and you will be required to provide a completed application form together with required due diligence information for review and approval, if you do not have a pre-existing relationship with us. The applicable due diligence form can be found here.

During a Red Ensign Group Conference, held in May 2013 in the British Virgin Islands, it was announced that the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency had agreed to grant the Virgin Islands Shipping Registry (VISR) full Category One status.  This enables the Virgin Islands Shipping Registry to register ships of any tonnage and type, and is a significant improvement from the previous situation where the types of ships it could register was restricted to:

  • General cargo ships of unlimited tonnage; and
  • Yachts of up to 3000 gross tons;

This new unrestricted classification means that the BVI is now a full player on a world stage in the Ship Registration industry. Now the Virgin Islands Shipping Registry intends to transform itself into a globally recognized and respected Red Ensign Registry.




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Why Undertake Ship Registration in the British Virgin Islands?

There are many advantages of registering a vessel in the British Virgin Islands. Some of them include:

  • Access to technical expertise
  • No corporate taxes
  • No sales tax in the BVI when you purchase anything
  • BVI tax exemption
  • Your boat/ship will sail as a member of the Red Ensign Group
  • Low boat registration and maintenance fees
  • Your boat/ship will be entitled to Royal Navy protection along with British Diplomatic and Consular support
  • The support of a fully computerized fleet management system and database
  • British Virgin Islands is the yachting centre of the Caribbean
  • British Virgin Islands is politically and socially stable
  • Stable British Judicial System
  • Registration Certificates are recognized and accepted worldwide
  • The registry encompasses three ports  Road Harbour, Gorda Sound and White Bay. This makes the Virgin Islands Shipping Registry more flexible and appealing to ship owners worldwide, as vessels with identical names can be registered by the ports of registry.

Things Required for Ship Registration in BVI:

  • Application for ship registration in BVI
  • Declaration of your eligibility
  • Original copy of the Bill of Sale
  • Survey and tonnage measurement certificate
  • Incorporation certificate (if company)
  • An extract of register and deletion certificate
  • Original copy of tonnage certificate or certificate of Survey along with a closed transcript
  • Notarized translation certified as correct by a notary public if documents are in a foreign language
  • More, depending on the country of origin

Ship Registration Guidelines: BVI Merchant Shipping Act, 2001

Applicable Fees

Minimum Fee for ship registration  $2,000.00 plus disbursements

The amount of fees subject to change on the basis of the specifics of the ship registration


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