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BC No.


(the "Company")

IT WAS NOTED that the Company wishes to cease trading and it has no intention to trade in the future. Furthermore the Company presently is and will continue to be able to discharge, pay or provide for its debts as they fall due and the value of the Company's assets equals or exceeds its liabilities. Therefore in the opinion of the [Sole Director] / [Directors] , the Company should be liquidated pursuant to the provisions of the BVI Business Companies Act, 2004 (as amended)(the "Act").

IT WAS FURTHER NOTED that in accordance with Section 198(1) of the Act, the the[Sole Director] / [Directors] shall:

  1. Make a Declaration of Solvency to which should be attached the Company's Statement of Assets and Liabilities
  2. Approve a Liquidation Plan.

Attached as APPENDIX A is a Declaration of Solvency with attachments which complies with the requirements of Section 198 (1) and as APPENDIX B is a copy of a Liquidation Plan which also complies with Section 198 (1)


  1. It is in the best interest of the Company that it be liquidated.
  2. The the[Sole Director] / [Directors] approve and make the Declaration of Solvency and request the registered agent of the Company to keep and maintain a copy of the Declaration of Solvency at the office of the registered agent.
  3. The Liquidation Plan be approved and the the[Sole Director] / [Directors] be and are hereby authorized to submit the same to the Shareholder(s) of the Company for approval.


Provided that the Shareholder(s) Resolve to appoint the voluntary liquidator of the Company as outlined in the Liquidation Plan, that the [Sole Director] / [Directors] hereby authorize, the registered agent, the voluntary liquidator, any director or other agents of the Company to prepare, execute and file any and all necessary documents, pay any fees and take any and all necessary actions so as to effect the liquidation of the Company.


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