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Who we are?

Diligent Company Services is a service mark of CCP Financial Consultants Limited, a company which is fully licensed, regulated and authorized to provide Company Management Services in the British Virgin Islands. Established in 1991, our firm has grown to become a well-established and respected provider offering a wide range of premium financial services in the British Virgin Islands.  


What We Offer ?

At Diligent Company Services, we provide a gateway to people seeking to access some of the premium financial service products available in the British Virgin Islands.  We endeavor to provide a high level of service for a select group of products which have broad appealto an international audience, namely Incorporations, Liquidations, Ship and Trademark Registrations and various searches.


Why choose us?

We take our name seriously and believe in being truly "diligent" in the conduct of our business.  We pay high priority attention to your needs and take pride in providing all clients with our signature brand of excellent service.  We are there to assist you to get your business started and are there to also put you on the road to doing business successfully in the British Virgin Islands or on the world stage.

Business Plans

Preparing a Business Plan in BVI

A well prepared business plan acts as a guidebook to the given business whether large or small. It can determine the success or failure of your business. As the popular saying goes if we fail to plan, we plan to fail!!  Realizing the tremendous importance of a strong business plans to any company, as a part of the CCP Group of Companies we can provide a professional and highly experienced team to assist you in preparing a comprehensive business plan.

We develop your business plan with multi-tiered approach in a cost-efficient manner. We are fully scalable and can prepare plans for entities ranging from small to large.  We can also develop an appropriate plan to meet the needs of your business at all stages of its life cycle i.e. whether at start-up, growth, expansion, merging or selling of your business.




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Preparing a Business Plan in BVI with Diligent Company Services

Whether small or large, preparing a business plan should be a basic requirement of any business. Your business plan works as a guide for your business. We have more than 20 years of experience in developing business plans in the BVI. We will help you determine the overall market, your competitors, your operating costs and much more.  We cover all types of businesses and one of our hallmarks is the attention to detail that is we give to each and every project.

Please call us at (284) 494-6777 or email us at mail@ccpbvi.com . Or get in touch with one of our experts here.

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