Are there any reasons for concern when investing in a company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands?

The BVI is by far the world’s leading choice for offshore corporate domicile and this has not just happened by chance.  Over the years, the BVI has carefully crafted and updated its companies and other legislation to make sure they contain robust investor and creditor protection features that are the envy of many other jurisdictions.

The BVI has political stability combined with an efficient and reliable legal system.  In addition, BVI companies are accepted for listing on some of the world’s biggest stock exchanges such as NASDAQ, NYSE the London Stock Exchange and the HKSE.  So given all of the above it should be clear that there are no reasons for concern by investors when investing in BVI companies.

As is the case with companies from any jurisdiction however investors should undertake proper due diligence and make sure the founders and promoters of the investment are above board and law abiding.

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