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Who we are?

Diligent Company Services is a service mark of CCP Financial Consultants Limited, a company which is fully licensed, regulated and authorized to provide Company Management Services in the British Virgin Islands. Established in 1991, our firm has grown to become a well-established and respected provider offering a wide range of premium financial services in the British Virgin Islands.  


What We Offer ?

At Diligent Company Services, we provide a gateway to people seeking to access some of the premium financial service products available in the British Virgin Islands.  We endeavor to provide a high level of service for a select group of products which have broad appealto an international audience, namely Incorporations, Liquidations, Ship and Trademark Registrations and various searches.


Why choose us?

We take our name seriously and believe in being truly "diligent" in the conduct of our business.  We pay high priority attention to your needs and take pride in providing all clients with our signature brand of excellent service.  We are there to assist you to get your business started and are there to also put you on the road to doing business successfully in the British Virgin Islands or on the world stage.

Business Loan Proposal

Business Loan Proposal in BVI

As a part of the CCP Group of Companies, a multi-disciplinary financial services group based in the British Virgin Islands, we provide a wide range of premium financial services to our clients.  One such premium services is the preparation of Business Loan Proposals. This falls within the ambit of our General Business Consultancy Services.  We are expert and adept at scaling the level of our services and we can handle business structures from sole trader to corporations and we have successfully prepared proposals to raise from as low as $10,000 to as high as $70 million.

Whether you want to get established in the BVI and start a business, facilitate the purchase of fixed assets or expand the scope of your business operations please check with our experts who are highly regarded by both local and foreign based banks and financing institutions and who can promptly and efficiently produce a comprehensive Business Loan Proposal to meet your particular needs.

Before you step into the bank, it is important to know what you’re looking for when you are considering taking a business loan. You should do some relevant research and get the complete information for the decision-making process.

Below is a listing of the typical documents required for preparing a successful business loan proposal in the BVI.The loan proposal process can be greatly expedited if you do your research and come prepared with as much of the background information as possible. Please note however that depending on the size and complexity of your loan some of the categories listed below may not be required.

  • Cover Letter
  • Executive Summary
  • Financing Proposal
  • Collateral Offerings
  • Information about the Borrower
  • Description of the Business
  • Description of the Market and Marketing Strategy
  • Information relating to your Business Performance
  • Explanation of Management Information and Personnel Requirements
  • Historical Financial Information
  • Financial Projections
  • Supporting Documents i.e. quotations, invoices, appraisals and valuations
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Photographs
  • Confirmation that any regulatory and compliance obligations have been satisfied
  • Conclusion and Recommendation

Contact us for Business Loan Proposals

If you need assistance in preparing your business loan proposal, please call us at (284) 494-6777 or email us at mail@ccpbvi.com. Or get in touch with our expert to prepare your business loan proposal.

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