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Government of The
British Virgin Islands

Virgin Island


Note: Please complete in BLOCK LETTERS

Name of Ship
Port of Registry
IMO number/Official Number
Full name of owner(s)
Address of owner(s)
Name of agent (if applicable)
Address of agent
Yacht Club of which the owner is a member (yachts only)

In support of my application, I enclose the following documents/fees:- (please write YES or NO)

Title Documents (e.g. Builders Certificate, Bill of Sale) Appointment of Representative Person
Declaration of Eligibility **Certificate(s) of incorporation (copy
Deletion Certificate (if applicable) **Certificate of Good Standing
*Applicable Fees of US$ **Appointment of Authorised officer

*Cheques and money orders to be payable to ACCOUNTANT GENERAL
**Applicable to Body Corporate

I confirm that arrangements have been made for the following to be obtained:- (please write YES or NO)

Name Approval Certificate of survey


Applicant (s) Signature Date
Telephone No. Fax No. Email

Please send this completed form and supp orting documents to the Registrar.
Virgin Islands Shipping Registry
Sebastian’s Building, Administration Drive
Road Town, Tortola
British Virgin Islands
Tel. (284) 468-2902/2903 Fax. (284) 468-2913

FORMERLY ROS 2 SR 101-02 (03/10)