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Questions about starting a small business incorporation

According to Forbes, 543,000 new businesses start every month in the US alone. Small businesses have a huge impact on the global economy as they have created almost 65% of the jobs across the world since 1995. Small business is generally defined as an enterprise having less than 500 employees. If you are starting a […]

How Easy is it to Shut Down or Dissolve a BVI Registered Company?

One of the realities that come with the distinction of being the world’s premier jurisdiction of choice for corporate domicile is that there will always be a high demand for the liquidation/ dissolution of companies. For a voluntary liquidation, the process is fairly simple and easy as outlined below. 1. The directors make a Declaration of […]

Are there any reasons for concern when investing in a company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands?

The BVI is by far the world’s leading choice for offshore corporate domicile and this has not just happened by chance.  Over the years, the BVI has carefully crafted and updated its companies and other legislation to make sure they contain robust investor and creditor protection features that are the envy of many other jurisdictions. […]

How to Prepare a Business Plan That Works

A well-prepared business plan is the absolute necessity for a successful business project. The business plan outlines the missions, visions, and goals, along with the products/ services, sources of financing and many other aspects of business. It also helps to set out objectives for the business and to establish priorities for these set objectives. The […]

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