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Important Aspects to Look for When Choosing a Jurisdiction to Incorporate a Company

You want to choose a respectable jurisdiction which is well regulated and is in the forefront in terms of having adopted modern and practical legislation that is conducive to the operation of any business in the today’s world. It is also very important that the jurisdiction is a strong proponent of and has adopted International […]

How to Get a Business Loan

At some point of time, every business owner seeks loan. The purpose of the loan amount may be for startup, expansion, diversification  or any other business related needs. So, how can you get a business loan? The key point of this question is, how can you convince your lender or bank to provide you loan […]

English essay writing

College students and individuals experiences in school tend to differ when it comes to academic writing. This is because it drives some people to think that essay writing services is about writing articles that are free of grammatical errors. This is however not true as good writing entails much more than mistake-free writing. In addition […]

How to Start a Business?

Compared to the past few years, at present, people have developed this interest to start and operate their own business. This is because people consider establishing and running a business to be more beneficial than working in an organization or the service sector. Also, owning a business can provide you with benefits like economic independence, […]

New Deputy Director, Enforcement Appointed

Wednesday, 4th February 2015 Tortola, BVI On 4th of February, 2015, the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission (BVIFSC) confirmed the appointment of Ms. Diana Nedsvidek as the New Deputy Director. Ms. Nedvidek replaced Mr. Gary Wilson after the completion of his contractual agreement with the FSC in 2014. Prior to her tenure at the […]

BVI Announces Commercial Court Judge

Tuesday, 27th January 2015 Tortola, BVI It has been announced that Mr. Barry Leon has been appointed as the Commercial Court Judge. His appointment as the judge will commence from 16th March, 2015 and will last for 3 years.  He is a leading arbitration practitioner in the British Virgin Islands. Please follow the link below […]

Launch of Electronic Certificates of Good Standing – Press Release No. 3 of 2014

According to the British Virgin Islands Financial Service Commission, the Certificates of Good Standing, produced by the Registry of Corporate Affairs, will be delivered electronically from 8th December, 2014. The new process applies to requests for certificates of Good Standing, for both BVI Business Companies and BVI Limited Partnerships. Please follow the link below to […]

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